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Time To Hand In The Result Sheet


As the Easter Holiday winds up here in Nigeria, work resumes tomorrow!

This Resumption also happens to coincide with the winding up of the first quarter of the year.

Where did all the time go? Whew!

Just in case you’re still thinking of getting into the groove of running with your 2016 goals and plans, sorry to burst that bubble. It’s actually time to hand in the result sheet for the first quarter.

What did you set out to accomplish this quarter? How far have you gone with that? Why weren’t you able to get them done?

It’s time to evaluate and make adjustments.

It’s too late anyway to do anything about the things you didn’t get done. What’s left to do is to look ahead and keep moving.


When an evaluation is done, it’s either if two things.

If you’ve happen to come up short, you can feel so dejected that you don’t even want to keep at it or you can decide to adjust the sails and keep going.

I’d advise you to take the second approach. There’s no point fretting over the past, just learn from it.

Also, if you’ve done well from your evaluations, you can decide to keep aiming even higher or you can choose to relax and take a nap. The choice is always yours but you need to set the bar even higher.

So, I’d encourage you to take your evaluation seriously, make adjustments and set your plans for the next quarter in motion.

Wish you all the best in the new quarter.



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