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Get Your Groove Back – Intentional Prayer Time

Hello Ladies,
It’s a Good Day!
Believe it when I say today is a Good day for you. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise – Today is a Good Day.
I shared my lessons from the #PropheticMotherhood session at the weekend with you yesterday and it got a good response from a number of people. It is obvious we desire to live out our purpose as prophetic mothers. If you can’t even pray for yourself though…how’s that going to happen?
Towards the end of last year, God was giving me some instructions about 2016 and the kind of adjustments I needed to make for those instructions. One of those instructions was to stop giving excuses of work load and get Intentional about praying.
Whatever you are not intentional about is not likely to happen. If you do not take steps in the direction of what you want, it will only remain a want and a wish in your heart.
A few weeks back, the Lord laid something on my heart and all I heard was:


I sort of knew what God wanted but I wasn’t still sure about How or When.
Fast forward to last night, I heard God say it is time for these mothers to Get Their Groove Back in God.
The result of that is this Prayer Course the Lord gave me a Blue Print for and He is saying the time is Now.
Prayer Course (1)

If you feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

If you know you are not where you need to be in your walk with God.
If you know that there’s more to you than where you are in God right now.
If you need help with your prayer life.
If you find it difficult to find time to get prayer going.
Believe me when I say this course is for you.
The course is Online so you can participate from wherever you are.
It is for serious minded people who mean business about INTENTIONAL PRAYER.

If you know that you really want to GET YOUR GROOVE BACK IN GOD, then you will be added to this group of women.

It will take 2 formats, the one you choose depends on you.
There’s a SECRET Facebook Group for a limited number of Women Only and if you want to be apart of that, just indicate in the comments below by typing FACEBOOK [We will only a limited number of women, the number based on time of comments]. The course will be delivered through that Group. It will be highly interactive and everyone will be required to make comments to remain on the course [so think about it well before you decide on this option].
You have to be a part of our Facebook Group or Like Our Facebook Page for this Option to work for you. [We will need your Facebook Profile if you want to be a part of course].
The other format is EMAIL. I will send you materials Daily for the 14 Day period. You will do assignments and submit them by Email also. If this is what you want, please type EMAIL and drop your correct and functional email address.
Please note that all assignments are compulsory and anyone who does not carry them out will be removed from the Course.
We are getting DELIBERATE and INTENTIONAL this year about PRAYER.
Note: THIS COURSE IS FREE and open to as many as want to be a part of it.
Feel Free To Share to anyone you believe will need it.
For more information, kindly send an email to or Contact Me Below. using the Contact Form.
 Yours In The Journey,
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