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It’s been a few days here!
That’s what happens when all your devices decide to have a mind of their own all at the same time.
I’m so grateful that God is the ever constant, dependable, reliable, source of our existence. Do you want to imagine if we had to depend on technology to think or to live?
I am glad that it’s in God we live, move and have our being.
I’ve been trying to share some awesome stuff that happened to me over the weekend.
I finally decided that I must share that today – devices working or not! (I am borrowing hubby’s laptop to get this done right now).
Anyway, I attended a program on Saturday –  Prophetic Motherhood meeting organised by Deborah Initiative for Women.
All I can say is I am still basking in that Grace.
My dear Sister Pastor Adebola Deji-Kurunmi and Pastor Adedotun Arifalo led us into the Journey of prophetic motherhood indeed.
Another dear sister [so unassuming and so cool, calm and collected] wowed me with her wisdom nuggets. Her name is Nneka Kyari and she wrote a book on how she overcame infertility. The Title of the Book is ‘Breaking Through the Haze’.
When she wanted to share, I thought I’d listen anyway, so I can pass the information over to my darling sisters who are in God’s waiting room. That was not what happened at all. This sister preached up a great message and I was thoroughly blessed.
I’ll just share a few things I took out of that meeting with you:
– As prophetic mothers, it’s your responsibility to Condition and regulate. Stop whining about how things are going with you. Instead choose to regulate how things will be in your home. Speak to condition and regulate things in the spirit concerning your home, husband, children, life, career, ambitions…
– You have a duty to Nurture and to Raise your children. Mothers nurture, mentors raise. Be both. Don’t limit your mothering roles to diapers and baby food, school fees and extra curricular school activities only!
Do you remember this post?
Be a mentor, Be Strong. You can only raise who you are.
– Raise your children to be problem solvers. Raise them to have the mentality of Kings. A slave cannot deliver other slaves. [This is why Moses had to go to the Palace].
– You will do a disservice to your children if all you do throughout life is mommy duties – Remember the Proverbs 31 Woman. She was more than household chores. There’s so much more to you than this. Your children need to see you as someone they can look up to. Don’t pack up your life because you have kids. God is counting on you for so much more than that. Arise, Daughter of God and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. [If you’re feeling a bit confused and not sure how to get this done, please Inbox me or send an email to]
– To overcome whatever challenge you have in life, just Focus and give it all it takes. Deal with it. Focus on what is important to you. Most goals in life do not take a lifetime to achieve if you” just give it all it takes.
– What is God saying to you concerning your children? It’s your responsibility to hear God for each child. Stop parenting your children based on what you think it should be like. The Blueprint for each child is with God who created that child. If you have more than one child, by now you know that no two children are the same and you can’t parent them the same way with the exact same methods.
To round up the program, DDK gave us some instructions that the Lord had given her for mothers at that meeting:
– Make a Prophetic Pledge concerning your kids with this scripture
“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.” – Luke 2:40
Declare this over your child[ren].
– Pray Over Your kids when they are sleeping. Their Spirit is very receptive at that time as their body rests. Lay your hands on their chests and make declarations.
– Ask that the Lord gives you favour concerning your caregivers. All of my help comes from the Lord – Whatever child care method you use, declare and believe that it is from the Lord. Stop living in fear over house helps, maids, nannies, creche, day care centres… Remember that you are to condition and regulate!
– Never under estimate the Father’s Blessings over the life of your child. You should always encourage your husband to pray for your children and bless them [except you’re a single mom]. If you’re not a single mom and your husband is not physically present with you, call him over the phone to pray for and bless your children to their hearing.
– Teach Your Children to Tithe and to give to your pastor too. Let them receive the blessing of giving from now on. Put a gift into the hands of the younger ones and let the older ones take a gift from what they have, and give to your pastor.
In conclusion, I’ll like to encourage you that being a Mom is not a task for the weak. You have to be strong to Be a Mom on Purpose. If you desire your children to be Arrows Shot into the Future, now is the time to get started. The Lord will supply strength as you require it.
Pray that the Lord will grant you Grace to rise in Stature and capacity. That you will receive the grace to balance all your roles effectively.
May the Lord help us to fulfill our purpose as moms in Jesus name.
Love You All So Much,
Yours in Purpose,
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