#Tips Tuesday – How To Handle Interruptions

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It’s Tips Tuesday again. We look at How To handle interruptions to stay productive.

Have you ever tried to get a word in and every time you tried, someone kept interrupting you?

That’s what happens when you’re trying to get stuff done and a million and one things keep getting in the way. A phone call, an app notification, a friendly visit…the list is endless. I can assure you that nothing will get done if you don’t ensure you cut out all the little distractions that will prevent you from accomplishing those things that you’ve decided to.

Today’s Tip is:

Tips Tuesday Cut out the interruptions

Cut Out The Interruptions – They Can Wait.

This is very true. Try taking a sample of things that usually distract you, and you’ll see that they aren’t things that can’t wait. More often than not, they may not even be important stuff.

Why then do we allow those things to cut out of our productive time?

We must learn to say ‘No’ to those interruptions. Once you settle in to get a task done, turn off the distractions, phone calls, turn off phone data…whatever you need to do to get work done, just do it.

How many times have you written out your To-Do list for the day and you end up not getting anything done just because someone came in to give you some hot gist?!

I’ll say, turn off to tune in.

Try this and see how you can stay productive for the rest of the week.

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