#MomsPray Friday – Wisdom For Motherhood

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Sometimes, some things happen to our children or they have some issues, or ask some questions, and we’re just at a loss. “How On Earth am I to handle this?” The truth is that living is an act and it requires wisdom. So does Motherhood. Why will I keep moving around in circles to sort issues out when I can simply look to the One who has the manual for life? If you’ve ever had […]

It's All Lovely

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I got this out of the Blues from a lovely Sister! She nominated me for A Lovely Blog Award, and I am humbled by this. The whole point of this Award is to keep our Blogging community buzzing. Here are the Rules: Award Rules Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog – Buki is appreciated. List the rules – That’s what I am doing right now. Display the award […]

Can I Please Have Some 'Me' Time?

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I don’t know if you had some friends that would always move around with a book when you were growing up? I was one of those kind of friends. Even at parties, I was sure to always have a book to read in my bag.  And it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I just did that to avoid conversations with people. I’d rather read than speak with people. A lot of […]

Surprise! Surprise!

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Hubby Dearest threw me a Surprise ‘Party’ over the weekend as it was my birthday! I didn’t believe he had it in him, I couldn’t believe I could be surprised. You see, I see myself as a ‘Detective’ – seeing things and hearing things others won’t pick out easily. I didn’t think anyone could pull that off so easily. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Hmmmm, I was thoroughly, pleasantly surprised. In fact, I haven’t […]

#Inspired Series #2

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We started this series last week. Thanks to the prompt by Jacqueline, this is looking to be a continous thing. I’ve realised that writing out my #LifeLessons is helping me in different ways: It helps me to remember the things I’m learning. It helps me to articulate those lessons It helps others to benefit from my lessons You are welcome to add your #LifeLessons and link to your blog as well in the comments section. All […]